You’re probably wondering why i’m here.

When I met this tall, pale and handsome man in the bar line at Future Music Festival, I did not know I was staring into the eyes of my future husband. I mean, his eyes were what drew me to him, although it didn’t hurt that he was sporting a shirtless, defined muscular physique, but future husband did not cross my mind at all! For the first time in my life I found myself making an approach and before I could stop the word vomit from coming out it was too late. “Hi, you have really beautiful eyes!” I think I yelled, and thats the last thing I remember saying. The rest was a blur!

What I do remember clearly though was our very first kiss. I know, I know, it was very promiscuous of me to make out with this guy I literally just met, but boy was it breath taking! I’m talking movie quality kiss. It was everything you want your first kiss to be! Just probably not with a stranger? Although he was a beautiful stranger so don’t act like you would’t have kissed him either! That’s all I imagined it would be.

He was from Norway, and had come to Australia on a student visa to study his last semester of a masters degree at UNSW. He would eventually have to go back to Norway, how serious could things get?

Some people might consider this serious?

Some people might consider this serious?

Four years of long distance, back and forth, ups and downs later, we tied the knot. We still didn’t know where we were going to live permanently, but it didn’t matter. We knew that if it was meant to be, it would all work out, and so far it had!

So here I am! 26 years old, unemployed, no family and barely any friends, living in Bergen with minimal Norwegian language skills. Could things get any better? I really hope so!

I hope you enjoy my blog.